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Bagrationi Hall

Exclusive and unique in Tbilisi; complex with huge opportunities, where one can:

1- Invite more than 1000 guests;
2- Various opportunities to organize the event outdoor;
3- The best technique equipment;
4- Unique interior and hall design
5- Car park for 250 vehicles (one can leave his/her car in the car park for an night after the event if she/he wishes so).

For holiday events the Hall offers exclusively:

• Presentations;
• Corporative parties;
• Wedding;
• Concerts;
• Conferences;
• Exhibitions;
• Anniversaries etc.


• Georgian traditional
• European

Considering the conception of the event interior and exterior space enhances a wide spectrum of design. Environment especially designed will certainly pleasantly surprise the guests.

In case of outdoor events optimal mobile parks will be installed in case of your desire to avoid bad weather consequences and to make an occasion comfortable.

On the basis of estimation of number of invited persons as well as other specifics of the event we can offer you detail description of optimal plan and budget.

Planning and performance of your holidays will be provided by the best specialist.

Individual approach to each guest – this will bet he secret of our success.

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